Avadora Mimouni Handbags Present @ The Farzana Foundation

Lorraine Silvetz & Farzana

HandBags Avadora Mimouni Collection

Lorraine Silvetz Representing Avadora Mimouni Collection @ The Farzana Foundation
Lorraine Silvetz & Flora

Farzana is a passionate and accomplished veteran of the Healthcare Service Industry who, for the first fifteen years of her career, worked as a senior registered nurse at some of the most prestigious hospitals in the city of Hamburg, Germany, where her family settled after fleeing the ravages of war in her birth country of Afghanistan. Her initial experiences with complex surgery, focusing on managing the internal wellness of an individual, provided an invaluable foundation for her to then focus on the external wellness of the individual through attention to Skincare.   

Farzana came to the U.S. from Hamburg in 2011, where she shifted her focus from medicine to becoming a full-time Skincare Specialist (NY licensed aesthetician) and celebrity makeup artist. Additionally, as a consequence of her own experience with domestic violence, she has become an advocate for Woman Empowerment, that reinforced her existing sensitivity to the plight of woman in Afghanistan. She has been an outspoken public speaker on this topic with the goal of providing woman with a greater sense of unification and cohesiveness. This has included presentations to both The Miss Immigrant Contest and The Sher Group in New York, an organization dedicated to the furtherance of Women Empowerment.

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