Oscar’s Awards 2019

This is YASMEENA @y.meena_ “THE NEW VOICE” photoshoot after the Oscar’s @samiranetwork Black Tie Oscar Gala.
Wearing Avadora Mimouni Luxury One of Kind purse @avadoramimounicollection
Glass Couture earrings by: Hasna Sal @glassconcepts360_hasna
Faux Fur by: La Masion De La Fausse Fourrure Paris
Magnificent Glam Team!
Photo by: Carol Dutra @cdutraphotos
Producer/Director: Paula Telander @paulatelander TeaTime Entertainment
PR/CEO Creative Director: Ivonne Camacho @absolutmoderne
Kulturezine Shakiji Abdul #kulturezinemedia
Munni Irone @art4peaceawards
Music Producer:
Jim Gardiner @gardiner9059
Manager: Samia Arram @samiaarram, Arram Partners
#Kulturezine #TheOrchard #SonyMusic #Art4PeaceAwards #AbsolutModerne #PajamaStudios #TeaTimeEntertainment #TouchToneProductions
#ArramPartners #SamiraKazemeni

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