Avadora Mimouni Collection & Cosmopolitan Top Model

Cosmopolitan New York Fashion Week Royal Point Laurie Malandro-Di Maio Wendi Casa Betty Emilianowicz Crystal this picture is everything Luis Omar Cajigas thank you for this capture . Casting for Super model , designer Avadora for Cosmopolitan New York Fashion week September. Ivonne Camacho P/R CEO @absolutmoderne for Avadora Mimouni Collection

Nyfw Feb 13 Avadora Mimouni Collection With Carol Galvin Foundation & Ivonne Camacho @ Cosmopolitan Top Model

Montgomery Frazier And Ivonne

Fashion Icons Luciana Pampalone, Aaron Paul, Montgomery Frazier @ Avadora Mimouni Collection Nyfwss2020

New Collection and new items on our store coming soon !!

Avadora Mimouni Collection Hamptons 2019


The Hamptons