Avadora Mimouni Açores Collection Nyfw

Avadora Mimouni Handbags
Model Venetia Teisini
Avadora Mimouni Handbags
Model Alyssa Casa
Avadora Mimouni Handbag
Avadora Mimouni Handbags
Model Lorraine Silvetz
Avadora Mimouni Handbags
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Avadora Mimouni Handbags
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Avadora Mimouni Handbags
Model Sonia Teixeira Couto
Avadora Mimouni Handbags
Model Trinity Dawson
Avadora Mimouni Handbags
Avadora Mimouni Handbags
Model Alyssa Casa
Avadora Mimouni Handbags
Model Meenal Manikandan
Handbag bag designer Avadora Mimouni with Models

Avadora Mimouni, is a gem, as is her line of “wearable art” luxury bags adorned with semi-precious stones and upcycled materials. They are becoming increasingly popular among women who want to look and feel like the gems they are. Inspired designer and model, Avadora Mimouni was born in the Azores archipelago of Portugal. Avadora’s creative ways started in her youth. She expressed herself through theater and modeling in fashion boutiques. She moved to Manhattan in 1994. She soon pursued modeling and graced the covers of magazines, walked prestigious runways, and appeared in acting roles. Her latest role is as an inspired designer, helping make the world and its inhabitants more beautiful.
In 2017, Avadora attended an event wearing a one-of-a-kind purse she created and was surprised by the immense adulation. She was immediately inspired to launch her Avadora Mimouni Collection that same year. Her collection received dramatic admiration from women of all ages. Her startling and gorgeous luxury bags are “wearable works of art,” making those who carry them look and feel more beautiful.

After over two years of being unable to attend events due to the pandemic, everyone is ready to get out and be seen supporting good works. And, they’ll want to do it in style! No woman will want to be without their AVADORA MIMOUNI luxury handbag as they enter the world stage! 

All women agree that you cannot wear an Avadora Mimouni bag without making a statement, being asked where you got the stunner, who designed it, since they steal the show wherever you go. They are beyond unique and beautiful, and each one is one of a kind, just like the woman who wears them.
The designer and acclaimed model, Avadora Mimouni, illustrates that beauty is timeless, and her gorgeous bags symbolize each woman as a precious gem. Her luxury bags adorned with semi-precious stones remind the wearer of the precious gems that they genuinely are.  And, let’s face it, the more we feel like precious gems, the more we act that way, and so the world becomes a better and more beautiful place – one gem at a time.

Article by Lorraine C. Silvetz

Avadora Mimouni Collection @ Newport Car Museum

Avadora Mimouni Collection
Handbags: @avadoramimouni
Models: @j4mi1a and @celinaniemann
📷 @sabrina_scolari_photography
Makeup & Production @makeoverartistry

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FARZANA Purse By Avadora Mimouni Collection

Farzana is a passionate and accomplished veteran of the Beauty and Skincare Industry who, for the first fifteen years of her career, worked as a senior registered nurse at some of the most prestigious hospitals in Hamburg, Germany, where she is from originally.  Her initial experiences with complex surgery, focusing on managing the internal wellness of an individual, provided an invaluable foundation for her to then focus on the external wellness of the individual through Beauty and Skincare.  Since an individual’s skin is literally their largest organ, Farzana’s background as a senior practitioner of medicine has enabled her to provide clients with a highly effective holistic approach that delivers the best results that are possible.   

Farzana came to the U.S. in 2011 with the goal of shifting her focus from medicine to Beauty and Skincare.  Since then she completed coursework with distinction at the world renowned Christine Valmy International School as a New York licensed esthetician.  Her formal education continued with other related disciplines, including Certification in Phlebotomy from ASA College and recognition as a New York State Certified Phlebotomy Technician (PH1) from MedCA.  Additionally, Farzana has also attended Manhattan Community College for general academic coursework.

As a natural progression from skincare, Farzana became an accomplished New York State licensed makeup artist, with clients that include socialites, celebrities and members of the elite modeling community.  In one of her assignments, she executed makeup for models participating in International Fashion Designer Adrien Alicia’s Fall collection for Fashion Week 2019.  She has also been invited for membership into “The Powder Group,” the most important beauty-related industry association in the country. 


Earrings by Avadora Mimouni Collection (upcycled new vintage)

Hair & Makeup by http://www.farzanabeauty.com

Photography Aiza Beatriz NYC

Miss Ethiopia Editorial Avadora Mimouni Collection

Avadora Mimouni Purse Collection had the honor host Miss Ethiopia Kisanet during Nyfw .

Editorials @ Fashion Avenue News Magazine & Rare Magazine.

The model / Entrepreneur Resides in Paris.

Avadora Mimouni Collection & Real House Wifes of New Jersey

Fun & Fabulous on the Red Carpet with stunning Dolores @dolorescatania at the #NYFW Carol Galvin Foundation @carolgalvin_foundation & AbsoluModerne Cancer Fundraising Gala. Dolores is always so much fun & so lovely. Our Fabulous purses are by beautiful Avadora Mimouni @avadoramimouni One of Kind Luxury purses from her new couture line launched with the #modelsofphilanthropy #newyorkfashionshow
Photographer: Dennis Madigan @dennismadigan
Hair/Mu by Sahag @sahagworkshop

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Mitzi Perdue & Rita Cosby rock the red Carpet with Avadora Mimouni

The Carol Galvin Foundation @carolgalvin_foundation & Ivonne Camacho PR/CEO Absolutmoderne @absolutmoderne partnered together for the bi-annual Cancer Fundraising Gala presenting the beautiful model/designer Avadora Mimouni Couture Collection @avadoramimouni one of a kind Luxury purses with the “Models of Philanthropy” the beautiful philanthropists Mitzi Perdue & Rita Cosby walked the runway to help women battling with cancer.
Luxury purses by Avadora Mimouni Collection #avadoramimounicollection
Hair/MU by Madison Ave Sahag Workshop @sahagworkshop master stylist Tony Motta @tonymottanyc

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Absolutmoderne Team On the Red Carpet Nyfw

The AbsolutModerne Team!
Lorraine Silvetz @lorrainecsilvetz Executive Consultant, Dena McCoy @denamccoy Executive Director, Ivonne Camacho PR/CEO Creative Director @Absolutmoderne Avadora Mimouni @avadoramimouni Signature Model & Spokesperson.
It took awhile to pull together a team that believed in my vision and direction of my company AbsolutModerne. Women who were powerful business women, integrity, creative, passionate & kind. AbsolutModerne partnered with Rick Galvin CEO/Founder of the Carol Galvin Foundation @carolgalvin_foundation for his bi-annual cancer fundraising gala held @rumieventspace where we introduced Quaysean
@reallifemanikin & Sarah Minervini @SIRS to their first NYFW show. Also back by popular demand for a second NYFW season the beautiful model & designer Avadora Mimouni @avadoramimouni with the
“Models of Philanthropy” showcasing her exquisite one of kind Luxury purses from
The Avadora Mimouni Couture Collection.
It was wonderful working with Rick as we both had the same vision & respect for each other and everyone we brought in. Thank you & congratulations to our entire team for such a smashing successful event.
Photographer: Dennis Madigan @dennismadigan

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Avadora Mimouni Collection and #Absolutmoderneteam

The Carol Galvin Foundation @carolgalvin_foundation returns to @nyfw for our bi-annual Women’s Cancer Fundraising Gala. Partnering with PR/CEO AbsolutModerne Ivonne Camacho @absolutmoderne and featuring the designs of the talented one of kind designer @reallifemanikin @manikinmob who is sponsored by the funny & talented @sommore also featuring Sarah Minervini @sirslingerie lingerie designs that breed confidence among women from around the world. We are also presenting the beautiful “One of a Kind” luxury purses designed by Avadora Mimouni @avadoramimouni from her “Avadora Mimouni Couture Collection” with “The Models of Philanthropy” held @rumieventspace February 12th, 2020 Tickets available #eventbrite
Use Code: VIP for discount
Hair/MU for: #modelsofphilanthropy provided by @sahagworkshop
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