Avadora Mimouni Handbags Featured in Milan Magazine Bloom

Back Cover @bloomromamag
The House of Sofia Couture along with Luxury Couture handbag designer @avadoraofficial on the back Cover of @bloomromamag out of Roma Italy. We are very grateful for this opportunity. Photo Credits: Luxury Accessory Designer @avadoraofficial, Photo Credits: Tony Ware @satchcatseven @dennymoesmediahouse, Couture Designer: Sofia Davis @fashionavenuenews
Creative Director: @executivedone Malcolm Staples

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Avadora Mimouni Handbags in Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week
Designer Daniel Alexander
Handbag Avadora Mimouni
đź“· Alvin Toro
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Kayla Kotsch walks the Runway for Avadora Mimouni Collection @ Prestige Top Model

Model Kayla Kotsch
Handbag Avadora Mimouni Collection
Model Kayla Kotsch
Handbag Avadora Mimouni Collection
Photography Alvin Toro
Model Kayla Kotsch
Handbag Avadora Mimouni Collection
Photography Alvin Toro
Model Kayla Kotsch
Handbag Avadora Mimouni Collection
Photography Alvin Toro
Avadora Mimouni with Her beautiful Humans Photography Alvin Toro

Kayla Kotsch is primarily an autism advocate who was recently named Worlds Miss United States Tourism 2022. She is also a writer, public speaker, and passionate about inclusion. Kayla was diagnosed with autism at a young age, and it has fundamentally shaped who she is today. She has overcome many obstacles in her 19 years; all due to the amount of advocacy she has received.

Kayla decided in 2019 that she wanted to make a change, a change for herself and for other people like her. She overcame substantial bullying sustained in school as well as being excluded from school events, etc. due to her autism diagnosis. She got tired of having no voice and took a stand to show people that she is different, not less. Now she strives to make a change on how people view autism, showing the wonderful things about autistic people, as well as advocating for a change in state and federal laws. Kayla has spoken within her school, community, and state advocating the need for change and acceptance. Today, not only does she work in her platform of autism awareness, but she has also taken on the platforms of Pet Partners and childhood cancer awareness.

Kayla’s goals for the future are to be able to one day start her own organization that will help those with disabilities learn to advocate for themselves and grow a career in the fashion industry. Being presented with opportunities and role models such as Avadora, Kayla is grateful for the recognition, the inclusion, and the feelings of acceptance. These opportunities only encourage her drive in advocating and in reaching her goal.




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Avadora Mimouni on Rtp Portugal

The model Designer will be interviewed by Richard Farias .

Dress @isabeloriginal
Hat @fleurdeparis.hats
Handbag #avadoramimounicollection
Shoes @louboutinworld
Makeup @makeoverartistry
Stylist @amyjorichards
ď“· @stacymarksphotographer

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