Sonia Teixeira Couto and Avadora Mimouni Handbags

Model Sonia Teixeira Couto
Handbag Avadora Mimouni
Dress Michael Turner
Photography Anna Kay

Model Sonia Teixeira Couto
Handbag Avadora Mimouni
Dress Michael Turner
Photography Anna Kay
Model Sonia Teixeira Couto
Handbag Avadora Mimouni
Dress Michael Turner
Photography Anna Kay

Avadora Mimouni Handbags in Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week
Designer Daniel Alexander
Handbag Avadora Mimouni
📷 Alvin Toro
AvadoraMimounniCollection #avadoramimouni #Paris #parisfashionweek

Avadora Mimouni Handbags on the Cover of Les Désir Magazine

Avadora Mimouni Handbags
Magazine @le_desir_mag
Handbag @avadoramimouni
Dress & Hat The house of Sofia Couture
 @dennymoesmediahouse
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Avadora Mimouni Collection September 9th 2022

Avadora Mimouni Handbag
Avadora Mimouni Handbag
Avadora Mimouni Handbag
Avadora Mimouni Handbag
Avadora Mimouni Handbag
Avadora Mimouni Handbag

GiGi Nunez walks Nyfw for Avadora Mimouni Collection @ Prestige Top Model

Model GiGi Nunez
Handbag Avadora Mimouni Collection
Photography Ilya Savenok

Gigi Nunez
Dominican businesswoman, born in Puerto Rico and brought to the Dominican Republic where she lived most of her life. The daughter of lawyer parents, she was raised in the city of La Vega. When she finished high school, she was influenced to pursue a renowned career and decided on medicine in which she studied for almost 4 years when she realized that she did not feel love for this career and abandoned it, returning to the United States where she decided to pursue her dreams. There she starts in the business world from the bottom, working tirelessly to achieve entrepreneurship. After some failures and closing doors, she saw how the sacrifice and effort paid off and saw her business take off with its own wings.

Before becoming the woman she is today, she went through a transformation process, not only mentally and spiritually, but also physically, going from 263 pounds to losing about 115 pounds and moving to a healthier and more self-confident state of mind.

Founder of The Money Team Group LLc firm, Cleaning Professionals of Florida and MLM Contractors Solutions. From its beginnings in 2019 when they only billed about 40,000 dollars a year until today where the company already bills 7 digits, Gigi has dedicated herself to providing a source of employment to hundreds of people each year, to being supportive of Latinos and an example to follow, to show them that it is possible if they are willing to give everything, to motivate women to dare even with children and family to fight for a space in society and in the business world.

Currently a philanthropist, collaborator in many social and charitable causes, she is preparing to launch her foundation The Gigi Núñez Foundation. She received recognition from the New York council as an influential Hispanic. She is an influencer on social media and in numerous TV and radio interviews to which she has been invited to share her impressive story of rising from the rubble of hard work to the pinnacle of success in both her companies, as well as in her multiple investments in real estate.

She recently launched her first ebook “Decálogo de la mom emprendedora”, available on Amazon and on her website where she provides guides on how to start an entrepreneurship and, as she herself describes, helping you to do better by saving you some mistakes.

Many projects are underway and many more in sight for this Latin woman, fighter, mother, writer, businesswoman, generous and powerful.

Lorraine Silvetz walks Nyfw for Avadora Mimouni Collection @ Prestige Top Model

Lorraine Silvetz
Handbag Avadora Mimouni Collection
Lorraine Silvetz
Handbag Avadora Mimouni Collection

Lorraine Silvetz received her BFA from N.Y.U. Film School and her Master’s from N.Y.U. School of Social Work in 2005. She is a psychotherapist, writer and Executive Director, having founded Global Stress Initiative (GSI)  a program under the International Committee Against Mental Illness (ICAMI)  a 65 year old mental health 501c3 directed by her Uncle, Robert Cancro, MD in 2010.  She and several of GSI’s supporters, including 3 Time Emmy Award Winning Anchor, Rita Cosby, philanthropist/entrepreneur, Mitzi Perdue, Medical Director of ICAMI, Robert Cancro, MD and she received Congressional Awards, in 2011, from Congressman Townes for their donation of treatment for service members and veterans with PTSD and TBI. 
Lorraine and her husband, Robert Silvetz, MD introduced the cutting edge treatment, in the northeast, in 2019. GSI extended their focus of treatment to include not only service members/veterans but domestic violence and human trafficking survivors impacted by PTSD and TBI. Lorraine has served as face and advocate for Avadora Mimouni Collection in 2021/2022. 

Original Living Magazine

Haute Couture Purse by Avadora Mimouni Collection
Dress by @isabeloriginal
Model @isabeloriginal
Makeup @makeoverartistry
Hair @amyjorichards
Hat @fleurdeparis.hats
Photos @stacymarksphotographer
Location @omniroyalorleans

Model Isabel Lopez


Lorraine Silvetz the face of Avadora Mimouni 2021-2022

Avadora Mimouni, the acclaimed model and designer, is a gem, inside and out, as is her line of luxury 

bags adorned with haute couture upcycled materials.  In 2017, Avadora attended an event wearing a one 

of a kind purse she created and was surprised by the immense response that it received. She was 

immediately inspired to launch her Avadora Mimouni Collection that same year. Her collection 

received dramatic adoration from women of all ages. 

Avadora was born in the Azores archipelago of Portugal. Avadora’s creative ways started in her youth. 

She expressed herself through theater and modeling in fashion boutiques. She moved to Manhattan in 

1994. She soon pursued modeling and graced the covers of magazines, walked prestigious runways and 

appeared in acting roles. Her latest role is as an inspired designer helping make the world and its 

inhabitants more beautiful. 

Avadora Mimouni collection is launching an editorial and commercial campaign for 2021-2022. 

The face of Avadora Mimouni’s Collection is Philanthropist, Social Worker and 

Model, Lorraine Silvetz. Lorraine is Founder and Executive Director of Global Stress Initiative (GSI) 

which donates treatment of service members, veterans, domestic violence and child 

trafficking survivors impacted by PTSD since 2010. GSI’s treatment is non-pharmacologic using 

individualized transcranial magnetic stimulation (iTMS) with dramatic results. She collaborates with 

her husband, Robert Silvetz, MD, a medical and computer scientist, who participated in the 

development of the innovative iTMS protocol since 2011. 

Lorraine coined the name “Models of Philanthropy” to describe the ladies in the coverage she wrote 

for Avadora Mimouni’s NYFW shows, 2019/2020. She walked the runway along with several 

models, actresses, anchors, and philanthropist friends spanning from age 35-80,  who have worked 

alongside her for her own foundation but several others they all support. The message of 

“Models of Philanthropy” and Avadora Mimouni Collection is in Lorraine’s words,  “Beauty does not 

stop at age 30 and the highest form of beauty is doing good works for others.”  Lorraine states, 

“The world needs a message that celebrates timeless beauty – both inside and out.” 

Post pandemic, as people start emerging from their homes and jobs back to a more full life,

they’ll want to enter the world with a splash. Avadora Mimouni Collection will help them do just that at 

any event that they attend. 

All women agree that you cannot wear an Avadora Mimouni bag without

making a statement since they steal the show wherever you go. Avadora, as a model and a designer, 

illustrates beauty is timeless and her gorgeous bags make each person who wears them feel like a gem. 

And, let’s face it the more we feel like gems the more we behave that way and so the world becomes 

more beautiful – one gem at a time. 







Avadora Mimouni Collection @ Rtp Açores

Designer Model Presents her collection On Rtp Açores.

Born in the Azores Islands ( Faial) Avadora Mimouni annonces the Açores Collection of 9 purses 👛 to be launched in 2022 .

Featured On De Ca P’ra La TV show Hosted by Ricardo Farias Produced by Floriano Cabral .