Avadora Mimouni Handbags featuring in Fashion Magazine NYC

Farzana Niemann


Farzana Niemann Executive Director Cinderela on Fifth Avenue & The Farzana Foundation Inc.


MODELS : Farzana – Founder of The
Farzana Foundation Inc – a Nonprofit
organization and
CEO of the Reality Series –
Cinderella on 5th Avenue in NYC.

Celina – (Fashion model, actress )

Jamila – (model, singer, actress)

Inna Kachanko – @inna kachanko

Makeover Artistry by Donna Sousa
Productions :

Photographer: Marcos vasconcelos

Wardrobe Designer : Glenkora
Comte @glenkora_comte

Hat Designer : Kokin NewYork

Handbags : Avadora Mimouni Couture Collection

Celebrity Makeup Artist : Donna Sousa @makeoverartistry

Celebrity Hair Artist & Set Stylist @amyjorichards

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Spring is in the Air Avadora Mimouni Azores Collection

The Faces of the Azores Collection
Azorean Women
Model Susana Pacheco
Model Sonia Teixeira Couto
September 9th Prestige Top Model ❣

Savannah Hallmann walks NYFW for Designer Avadora Mimouni at Prestige Top Model

Model Savannah Hallmann
Handbag Avadora Mimouni Collection
Photography Alvin Toro
Model Savannah Hallmann
Handbag Avadora Mimouni Collection
Photography Alvin Toro

Savannah Hallmann is a 13 year old girl from Australia. Savannah is new to the modelling world with February NYFW 2022 being her first time on the runway.

Savannah has been dancing since she was 6 and competing from age 8, having attended several state and National level events over the years.

Savannah has developed a love for photography and is behind the camera ever chance she gets. She hopes to one day study photography.

Savannah looks forward to many more modelling opportunities both in Australia and internationally.

Sónia Teixeira Couto becomes the Face of The Azores Collection by Avadora Mimouni

Sonia Teixeira Couto Was born in Terceira Island Azores in 1980. Left her hometown of Praia da Vitoria in March of 2000 to go to Loughborough College in England, graduating there with an English Certificate. Once she returned home, she decided to initiate a new adventure and emigrate to the United States of America in July of 2000, living in the State of Rhode Island and attending the New England Institute of Technology where she Graduated from in 2004 with a Bachelor degree in Computer Science. Moving to Swansea MA in 2005 and making her residence there with her family.

In June of 2005 she started her career in Banking and currently she holds the Assistant Treasurer Branch Manager Position for the Bristol RI branch for BayCoast Bank.

Sonia loves many hobbies but one of her passions is singing and she is the soloist for the Banda Nossa Senhora da Luz in Fall River MA.

In 2021 a GREAT opportunity was presented to her. The renowned Supermodel/Designer Avadora Mimouni invited Sonia to become the Face of the Azorean Collection by Avadora Mimouni. Another Great opportunity to be part of a bigger project and a bigger message. Sonia took it and is now a model for Avadora Mimouni and has the honor to represent the Azorean Collection.

Her biggest accomplishments in life are her 3 children: Jason, Tyler, and Sophia.

Sonia’s Goal in life is to spread a message of Love is Love, Equality, Inclusivity and Diversity.

She Will be the face of the Editorial and walk the Runway for Designer Avadora Mimouni @ Prestige Top Model September 9th 2022 

Alyssa Casa walks Nyfw for Designer Avadora Mimouni at Prestige Top Model

Alyssa Casa

Alyssa Casa is a 19 yr old model, actress and fashion designer. She has been a model for the Avadora Mimouni line of purses for a couple of years now, and absolutely loves it.

Alyssa started acting at 6 yrs. old and has been seen in a couple of movies and many popular shows, her favorite being “ Modern Family”. Alyssa started modeling at age 9, kind of by accident, and hasn’t stopped. She is a veteran of many print ads and runways, including those of New York, Paris, Los Angeles and Miami.

After graduating high school at just 15 yrs. old she was able to focus on her passion of Fashion Design. By 16 yrs old she was the CEO of her own company Alyssa Casa Designs, and was showing lines in New York and Paris. She has also earned the Girl Scout Gold Award, the highest award in Girl Scouts.

Alyssa is currently continuing her education and love of fashion, by attending the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. She is currently on the dean’s list.

In her free time Alyssa is very adventurous and loves to travel. She has enjoyed activities such as shark cage diving and surfing in Hawaii, zip lining on some of the biggest lines in the world and is working on a pilot’s license. Her charitable causes include saving sea turtles and stopping human trafficking.

Trinity Dawson walks Nyfw for Designer Avadora Mimouni at Prestige Top Model

Model Trinity Dawson
Handbag Avadora Mimouni Collection
Photography Alvin Toro
Model Trinity Dawson
Handbag Avadora Mimouni Collection
Photography Alvin Toro
Model Trinity Dawson
Handbag Avadora Mimouni Collection
Photography Alvin Toro
Model Trinity Dawson
Handbag Avadora Mimouni Collection
Photography Alvin Toro

Trinity Dawson is a 14 year old indigenous model and emerging designer.

At just 14 she has graced runways both in Australia and Internationally.

When in New York she has been blessed to do brand shoots and Billboard campaigns but her highlight still is being one of the faces of Avadora Mimouni stunning clutch collection.

Trinity was named in the 2020 Haute List for Couture by Supermodel Unlimited for being to someone to watch for fashion trends and most recently nominated for Sydney best Dressed for the second year running.

Trinity is also a spokemodel for Marc Defang and has a pair of killer boots named after her in his signature collection.

Aside from modelling and designing she is passionate about the environment and she is the founder of Maverick All Natural Beauty a vegan skincare range that is Australian made and produced.

In February 2022 she debut her Dreamtime Collection on the runways for New York Fashion Week and can’t wait to get back bigger and better in September

Summer Coleman Walks the Runway for Avadora Mimouni Collection @ Prestige Top Model

Summer Coleman
Handbag Avadora Mimouni
Photography Alvin Toro
Summer Coleman
Handbag Avadora Mimouni
Photography Alvin Toro
Summer Coleman
Handbag Avadora Mimouni
Photography Alvin Toro
Summer Coleman
Handbag Avadora Mimouni
Photography Alvin Toro

Summer is a 16 year old model, actress, and designer of Ètè Alexandrìe. She is a homeschooled honor student in the 10th grade. Aside from her modeling, acting and designing she aspires to go to college and major in Law or Medicine. She has been featured in several magazines as well as international media. Summer also wants to be an example to other teens and young adults to be comfortable in yourself and believe in what you aspire to become.



Rita Cosby walks Nyfw for Designer Avadora Mimouni @ Prestige Top Model

Rita Cosby
Handbag Avadora Mimouni Collection

Rita Cosby is one of the most recognized and respected broadcasters in America. She is a renowned Emmy-winning TV host, veteran correspondent and multiple best selling author, who anchored highly rated prime time shows on Fox News Channel and MSNBC. Heralded as one of the Most Influential Women in Radio since 2014 by Radio Ink magazine, she was selected as Legend of the Year for 2018, chosen among all women on and off air in the radio industry. She currently hosts the top-rated nationally syndicated Rita Cosby Show based out of WABC Radio in New York. Throughout her illustrious media career, Rita has secured some of the biggest interviews, including exclusives with more than twenty world leaders, including seven U.S. Presidents.

Cherie Corso Walks for Designer Avadora Mimouni @ Prestige Top Model

Model Cherie Corso
Handbag Avadora Mimouni

Cherie Corso is a wife & mother, with a passion for marketing, art and fashion. On TV, she is a national patenting & commonsense lifestyle expert appearing on Fox & Friends, Dr Oz, CNN. A blogger who has inspired stories for NewYork Post (give your kid a debit card and mommy and me ) . Entrepreneurship is her specialty, having developed and sold two successful  businesses.  She has been a national spokesperson for Wedderspoon Honey and Crocs just to name a few. She volunteers her time to assist entrepreneurs in developing business at the Fordham Gabelli School of Business  She is also an environmentalist that likes to support people’s health and wellness.  For more information go to www.cheriecorso.com