Avadora Mimouni Collection & Real House Wifes of New Jersey

Fun & Fabulous on the Red Carpet with stunning Dolores @dolorescatania at the #NYFW Carol Galvin Foundation @carolgalvin_foundation & AbsoluModerne Cancer Fundraising Gala. Dolores is always so much fun & so lovely. Our Fabulous purses are by beautiful Avadora Mimouni @avadoramimouni One of Kind Luxury purses from her new couture line launched with the #modelsofphilanthropy #newyorkfashionshow
Photographer: Dennis Madigan @dennismadigan
Hair/Mu by Sahag @sahagworkshop

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Mitzi Perdue & Rita Cosby rock the red Carpet with Avadora Mimouni

The Carol Galvin Foundation @carolgalvin_foundation & Ivonne Camacho PR/CEO Absolutmoderne @absolutmoderne partnered together for the bi-annual Cancer Fundraising Gala presenting the beautiful model/designer Avadora Mimouni Couture Collection @avadoramimouni one of a kind Luxury purses with the “Models of Philanthropy” the beautiful philanthropists Mitzi Perdue & Rita Cosby walked the runway to help women battling with cancer.
Luxury purses by Avadora Mimouni Collection #avadoramimounicollection
Hair/MU by Madison Ave Sahag Workshop @sahagworkshop master stylist Tony Motta @tonymottanyc

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Avadora Mimouni Collection on ABC News

Avadora Mimouni 10k Purse ABC News
Celebrity Pop Star Aaron Paul 💋🥂🍾

Avadora Mimouni Collection & Cosmopolitan Top Model

Cosmopolitan New York Fashion Week Royal Point Laurie Malandro-Di Maio Wendi Casa Betty Emilianowicz Crystal this picture is everything Luis Omar Cajigas thank you for this capture . Casting for Super model , designer Avadora for Cosmopolitan New York Fashion week September. Ivonne Camacho P/R CEO @absolutmoderne for Avadora Mimouni Collection

Absolutmoderne Team On the Red Carpet Nyfw

The AbsolutModerne Team!
Lorraine Silvetz @lorrainecsilvetz Executive Consultant, Dena McCoy @denamccoy Executive Director, Ivonne Camacho PR/CEO Creative Director @Absolutmoderne Avadora Mimouni @avadoramimouni Signature Model & Spokesperson.
It took awhile to pull together a team that believed in my vision and direction of my company AbsolutModerne. Women who were powerful business women, integrity, creative, passionate & kind. AbsolutModerne partnered with Rick Galvin CEO/Founder of the Carol Galvin Foundation @carolgalvin_foundation for his bi-annual cancer fundraising gala held @rumieventspace where we introduced Quaysean
@reallifemanikin & Sarah Minervini @SIRS to their first NYFW show. Also back by popular demand for a second NYFW season the beautiful model & designer Avadora Mimouni @avadoramimouni with the
“Models of Philanthropy” showcasing her exquisite one of kind Luxury purses from
The Avadora Mimouni Couture Collection.
It was wonderful working with Rick as we both had the same vision & respect for each other and everyone we brought in. Thank you & congratulations to our entire team for such a smashing successful event.
Photographer: Dennis Madigan @dennismadigan

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Mitzi Perdue Walks for Avadora Mimouni Collection Nyfw

The Carol Galvin Foundation @carolgalvin_foundation & Ivonne Camacho PR/CEO Absolutmoderne @absolutmoderne are thrilled to bring back Avadora Mimouni @avadoramimouni with the “Models of Philanthropy” to Rick Galvin’s bi-annual #NYFW cancer fundraising gala. We are honored to have the beautiful philanthropists Mitzi Perdue walking the runway.
February 12th, @rumieventspace 7-10 PM
eventbrite use code: VIP for a discount
Mitzi Perdue holds a BA with honors from Harvard University and an MPA from the George Washington University.
She is a past president of the 35,000-member American Agri-Women, a former syndicated columnist for Scripps Howard and her column, The Environment and You, in the 1990s.
Her television series, Country Magazine, was syndicated to 76 stations. She’s the founder of CERES Farms, the second-generation family-owned vineyards that sell wine grapes to wineries such as Mondavi, Kendall-Jackson, Bogle, Folie a Deux, and Toasted Head. 
Mitzi combines the experiences of three long-time family businesses.  Her father Ernest Henderson co-founded the Sheraton Hotel Chain and her late husband Frank Perdue was the second generation in the poultry company that today operates in more than 50 countries. She herself founded CERES Farms in 1974.
She became part of anti-human trafficking efforts after hearing a talk on how we can rescue and rehabilitate victims of trafficking. “What charity could I cut back on?” But then she had an idea. She could raise money by auctioning something she owned, a17th Century De Medici desk, and she could donate the proceeds to anti-trafficking efforts. 
That was the beginning of Win This Fight.  Today many dozens of others who care about human trafficking will be converting high-value tangible assets into cash through an anti-trafficking auction at Sotheby’s in January of 2021.  They get to determine which anti-trafficking benefits from their donation.
AbsolutModerne Executive Consultant Lorraine Silvetz @Lorrainesilvetz
Hair/MU @sahagworkshop
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Avadora Mimouni Collection NYFW @ Carol Galvin Foundation


The Carol Galvin Foundation returns to @nyfw for our Women’s Cancer Fundraising Gala. Partnering with PR/CEO AbsolutModerne Ivonne Camacho @absolutmoderne and featuring the designs of the talented one of kind designer @reallifemanikin @manikinmob who is sponsored by the funny & talented @sommore also featuring Sarah Minervini @sirslingerie lingerie that empowers women,
We are also featuring the classy & beautiful luxury purses designed by Avadora Mimouni @avadoramimouni from her “Avadora Mimouni Couture Collection” with “The Models of Philanthropy 2” held @rumieventspace February 12th.
Book your tickets #Eventbrite Use Code: VIP for a discount
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Carol Galvin Foundation NYFW 2020

February 12th @rumieventspace The @carolgalvin_foundation returns to @nyfw for its bi-annual women’s cancer fundraising gala. Featuring the designs by @avadoramimouni with models of philanthropy such as @janeltanna @lorrainecsilvetz @cassandraseidenfeld Rita Crosby & Mitzi Perdue walking for her along with many more to be announced. Sponsored by @absolutmoderne Join us and help those battling cancer so they can pay their bills. #nyfw #carolgalvinfoundation #absolutmoderne #janeltanna #lorrainecsilvetz #cassandraseidenfeld #avadoramimouni #fashion #rumieventspace #womenscancer #support